June 21, 2024


Editor in Chief – Trishla Singh

Global Advisor – India Mazeltov Innovation & Justice

Trishla is currently researching representations of torture in fiction post 9/11 at the English Studies Department of Durham University. Her research interests include drawing links between issues of social justice and fiction with an emphasis on contribution to knowledge in the field of cultural studies. Her wider research interests include cultural representations of gender with a focus on consent. She has published articles in national newspapers on culture and lifestyle (The Hindu). She is also the Global Advisor from India for Mazeltov – Innovation & Justice.

Co-Editor – Nazia Jahan Chowdhury

Nazia is an aspiring academic in the field of English literature, specializing in creative writing and themes of existentialism, mysticism, and absurdity. She is currently working in BRAC, an international development organization based in Bangladesh, as a Communication Associate in several collaborative projects undertaken by BRAC Communication and BRAC Education. Prior to this role, she was a Content Writer for BRAC International Communications, in charge of curating, documenting, editing and proofreading reports and case stories by coordinating with communication representatives from the BI countries across the world.
She has completed her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Independent University, Bangladesh, minoring in Media & Communication studies, earning multiple annual awards for academic excellence, and Master of Arts in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from North South University.

As a voracious reader with a keen interest in a variety of different subjects, Nazia is dedicated to developing multidisciplinary skills and knowledge.