Who We Are?

MIJ is a youth-led organisation dedicated to contributing to legal and policy discourse on innovation in the field of social justice. We are devoted to developing a global knowledge repository on human challenges. MIJ has a comprehensive approach to developing a sustainable harmonized legal system and solutions that are developed by examining and debating public policy issues by the experts globally.


Creating platforms for policy and academic discourse and dialogue that is inclusive of the youth and under-represented groups across the world, through research and dissemination of knowledge.


Ensuring the youth and the under represented have a seat at the policy table.

Theory of Change

  1. By creating a series of conversations through our projects, MIJ envisions creating platforms of representative policy and research-based dialogues held across diverse panels.

    • 1.1 Academic foundations and discourse will pave the way for active policy-making among these groups.

    • 1.2 Engagement with diverse panels will encourage collaboration and inclusion.

    • 1.3 The MIJ network will collectively contribute to discussions on the development of policy that we hope will come into effect.

  2. Getting institutions involved in contributing to these discussions and highlighting their young and early career professionals and academics on the MIJ platform.

    • 2.1 By involving institutions, we hope to develop collaborative platforms that can empower our overall plan.

    • 2.2 By connecting different institutions through their young and early career team members, we can create long-term relationships and innovative visions for everyone to work towards.

  3. MIJ will become synonymous with the concept of representation of the youth as the group makes up the majority of the world and will be most impacted by policy measures taken now.

    • 3.1 The concepts of innovation and justice need to be driven by those who they will most impact. The opinion of this group is often tokenised and never seriously considered. MIJ’s portfolio of academic rigour and policy discussions will change the world's view on this group.

    • 3.2 MIJ’s presence and network will contribute to its ability to penetrate into different policy-making structures at various levels.

    • 3.3 MIJ will galvanise young voices worldwide to undertake research and advocacy into shaping the world they wish to see. As MIJ grows, the network does as well. As the network grows, the voice is amplified.

Thematic Area

MIJ focuses on the Sustainable Development Goal 16 “Peace, Justice and Strong institutions” primarily on the following targets:

  1. Target 16.3: Promote the rule of law at the national and international levels and ensure equal access to justice for all

  2. Target 16.7: Ensure responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels

  3. Target 16.8: Broaden and strengthen the participation of developing countries in the institutions of global governance

  4. Target 16.b: Promote and enforce non-discriminatory laws and policies for sustainable development

In light of the overarching vision we hope to include crosscutting issues across multiple SDG’s.


The one thing in history that has never stopped being relevant is humanity-centered discourse. In recognising that philosophies and policies are an ever-changing phenomenon, MIJ believes in developing discourse shaping the future of human wellbeing.