The National Judicial Policymaking Committee (NJPC) of Pakistan issued data in August 2020 that showed that more than two million cases are pending in the Supreme Court, Federal Shariat Court, High Courts and District Courts. A continuous rise in pendency of cases is due to various reasons, however, the ultimate consequence is the delay to provide quick justice.

Therefore, in light of this pressing issue MIJ in association with Alif se Insanyiat has come together to advance a working paper highlighting legal gaps and suggesting reforms on the use of alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) in the province of Sindh by providing a comparative analysis of how ADR is being implemented in other jurisdictions.

The research is a registered partnership with the United Nations #SDGAction37719. The aim of the project is to create awareness and advance quick cost effective sustainable ways of resolving disputes in light of SDG#16. Read More.

The team of research associates are led by our advisor from Pakistan Ms. Kanza Rizvi.


Abdul Rafay Shaikh

Mr. Shaikh is a knowledgeable and dedicated law student at University of London International Programme. He is an enthusiastic individual and has excellent research and report writing skills. He is currently working as a researcher for the Szabsit Law Journal 2.0 and oversees the effective use of research material to address legal issues.

Aneeq Akhtar

Currently studying at Habib University, Mr. Akhtar is majoring in Social Development and Policy. He is also a national level chess player and a casual poetry writer. He has enrolled this internship to gain experience and build a strong foundation for the pursuit of his law interests.

Anous Ahmed

Mr. Ahmed is a sophomore currently majoring in Social Development & Policy at Habib University. As a young individual, he is passionate about writing and is exploring his interest by participating in various domains. This has allowed him to gain a variety of skills and has made him independent and confident to take new upcoming challenges.

Fatima Qadri

Currently doing her A-levels she is aspiring to leave a mark in this world by setting foot into practical work as early as possible. Ms. Qadri hopes to make a worthwhile contribution to this project to make this country flourish in the legal department, all while gaining valuable experience.

Iffat Zehra

Ms. Zehra is enrolled in the final year of LLB Hons at a recognized learning center of the University of London, Themis School of Law. She is currently working as a Trainee Associate at Raja Mohammed Akram & Co, Karachi Office. She is also the Chief Operating Officer of Themis Law Clinic - Talaash, which primarily focuses on spreading legal awareness amongst the masses.

Hamda Ali Khan

Ms. Khan is currently pursuing her final year of LLB Hons from the University of London at Themis School of Law. She is the President of the Themis Law Society and also serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Alif se Insaniyat, a social welfare firm working for the rights of education, health, empowerment and economic opportunity.

Hania Zehra Shah

Ms. Shah is a second-year law student, doing her LLB (Hons) from the prestigious University of London. Intrigued by the legal facets, she has always been interested in the rule of law of the land, and keen to know the admissibility of legal rules, procedures and instruments. She is also actively involved in moot competitions and is a legal intern at the Pinjani and Vadria Law Firm.

Hafsa Saleem Jaam

Ms. Jaam is a critical thinker and an aspiring lawyer, in the first year of LLB University of London international programmes. As an articulate writer with interests in human rights law and public law, she has volunteering experience with several renowned NGOs of Pakistan and has attended the Human rights day conference 2019 conducted by the UNAP and Criminal law workshop by TMUC. She is keen on legal researches, paying attention to detail and currently is working as a Researcher for the Szabist Law Journal.

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