This series will take advantage of the on-going trend of utilizing social media and web-based platforms to bring together academics from different realms of political, legal, development and public policy academia to delve into the deeper foundations of what drives contemporary discourse on a myriad of issues. In essence, the Exordium series will facilitate effective conversations across these platforms and among.

In order to highlight the work of young academics, practitioners and to learn from the long existing working of individuals who have a history in working in academia, the Exordium Series in envisioned in the following two-pronged approach:

1. Panel Discussion Series:

This series will call upon early career academics and practitioners to engage in a topic of discourse. These topics will be decided by the MIJ Exordium team in consultancy with the Advisory Panel and any external collaborator. The series will appoint a moderator from among the panellists to direct and delve into topics of contemporary academia in order to facilitate the discussion. The objective is to demonstrate academic rigour and research while considering the praxes of the central topic.

2. Key-Speaker Series:

For this series, MIJ will invite an expert within a designated field to discuss a topic decided by the MIJ Exordium team in consultancy with the Advisory Panel and any external collaborator. The series will also feature a moderator, whose task will be to direct the discussion in a manner necessary to delve into the depths of the topic’s academic strengths and foundations. Additionally, the series will feature panellist(s), chosen from a pool of academics, who will engage with the primary speaker on the designated topic.

Both series will run concurrently and will feature over multiple seasons, all of which will be focused on the core idea of contributing to academic discourse. Both series will incorporate questions from the audience and ensure diverse representation.


MIJ imagines that these discussions will aid students, young academics and anyone displaying an interest in participating or contributing to discourse aimed at social justice and development of academia, to come together and contribute to a larger debate while making such information accessible to all.


MIJ aims to publish one episode of each series every month. With both series running concurrently, the project aims to make academia and well-informed discussion accessible to a wide range of audience. Videos will be available across multiple social media platforms and MIJ’s website.

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